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So what are my, you know, professional skills?

Design strategy, user experience design, workshop and meeting facilitation, information architecture and taxonomy, data visualization, client relationship management, process and workflow improvement, team management, communications, earnestly trying to be a kind and empathetic person who becomes more and more so with each passing day, etc.

Ok: but who hired me to do those things?


Jan 2018 - present
Strategy consultant

Since leaving Velir, I've begun freelancing as a strategy consultant for organizations working in the social sector.


Oct 2015 - Jan 2018
VP, Experience Design

I led a team of UX designers, visual designers, and strategists. In addition to overseeing all design and content strategy related work at Velir and the professional development of my own team, I collaborated directly with clients as an executive sponsor and still performed UX design on several of our most critical accounts. I also worked extensively in business development and client relationship management, and on teams guiding a variety of internal initiatives (e.g. overall company direction, process improvement, performance management, and culture.)

Sept 2013 - Sept 2015
Director, Design and UX

In my first role as a team manager, I set the group's direction and built Velir's UX and design practice from three people (including me) to nine. I continued to do UX design on projects while using my work to help define processes and workflows for Velir overall. Also, I began to play a very large role in writing proposals and pitching for new business.

Sept 2012 - Sept 2013
UX Designer

I wireframed websites, built information architectures and taxonomies, conducted user and stakeholder research, wrote personas, helped design data visualizations, etc. I was the only UX designer at Velir and drove many of our first "full-service" (i.e. not purely implementation) projects in close collaboration with a senior visual designer.

Oct 2010 - Sept 2012
Project / Account Manager

I managed the day-to-day operations and overall client relationship for what was, at the time, our largest account (the Brookings Institution). I guided over a dozen projects, including data visualizations, iOS applications, and primarily Brookings' complete 2012 website redesign, from start to successful launch.

Clients: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Brookings Institution, Kauffman Foundation, City of Somerville MA, the State of Massachusetts, AARP, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, MIT, Pew Charitable Trusts, PTC, Population Reference Bureau, Spencer Stuart, many others

Hunt & Gather

Feb 2010 - Sept 2010
Production / Account Manager

I constructed a resource management and time-tracking system out of several loosely-connected software products and used it to plan and maintain H&G's project calendars and personnel allocations. I also did some account management and light UX strategy.

Clients: Scholastic, Pearson, Dereon (yes, Beyonce's clothing line), other stuff I can't remember including some startups that probably are gone now


Feb 2007 - Feb 2010
Database Analyst

I helped public broadcasting clients and large non-profits manage their fundraising campaigns via a suite of proprietary software, including Team Approach. I worked a lot via the command line, wrote SQL and PL/SQL code (not very well), and also developed some good client-management skills.

Clients: many, many radio call name acronyms that I definitely can't remember anymore; large non-profits like the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, etc.